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GARRET NANCOLAS Mayor of Caldwell Together, Mayor Bieter and I have worked tirelessly to make the Treasure Valley one of the most livable regions in the country. The cooperation between Boise, Caldwell, and other cities across the valley have lead to the most coordinated effort on regional growth and transportation we’ve


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KRISTIN ARMSTRONG Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Making tough decisions on Boise’s most sensitive issues is what defines Dave Bieter’s leadership. When looking at how to support those who find themselves homeless, Dave has always led with thoughtful compassion and kept the health, safety, and well-being of all our residents in mind.


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MARGO HEALY President, Boise Public Library Board of Trustees Dave has always shown how hard he is willing to work for Boise and our people. He puts in long hours, built a great team of dedicated city leaders and employees, and makes the tough decisions necessary for the future of Boise.


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JOHN EVANS Mayor of Garden City Mayor Bieter has always been dedicated to joining me and other mayors across the Treasure Valley in working together on the region's critical issues. Coordinated efforts like the valley's response to the opioid crisis rely on our cities working together. Mayor Bieter's proven commitment to


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KATIE MILLER Artist, Small Business Owner, Mom I know how important it is to have a local government that encourages positive business growth. Mayor Bieter has been a champion for small businesses, good-paying jobs, and a strong economy. As a small business owner, I appreciate what he has done to make


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KATHERINE LOVAN Collister Neighborhood Resident Dave Bieter pays attention to the needs of every neighborhood - the Collister Neighborhood is no different. Thanks to Dave’s push for cooperation between neighborhood associations and the City of Boise, our quality of life here in Collister, and the surrounding Northwest area, has improved immensely.


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INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIREFIGHTERS LOCAL 149 “Local 149 believes Mayor Bieter’s experience, leadership, and relationship with the Fire Department will continue to improve public safety across Boise and will be vital in the Fire Department’s goal to maintain the superior service we deliver to our fellow residents,” Local 149 President Mike


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BOISE CENTRAL TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL “Our members appreciate Mayor Bieter’s deep commitment to Organized Labor and making sure the City of Boise leads the State of Idaho in attracting, encouraging, and providing good jobs that pay fair wages and provide family benefits.” said Leland Heinbach, President of the Boise CLC


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BRETT PALMATEER Goody's Soda Fountain Owner In my 23 years owning a business in Hyde Park, I’ve never seen it as family friendly and successful as it is today. Mayor Bieter has taken steps to make neighborhoods, like Hyde Park and the North End, more livable and create an environment where