As proud as we all should be of what we’ve accomplished, what Dave is most focused on – what he spends every day thinking about and working towards – is our future. He looks to the future because what we love here in Boise is precious, and we have an obligation to pass on the best of Boise to our children. Four generations of Bieters have called Boise home, but the most important one is represented by his 14-year-old daughter Josie. Dave looks at her and knows the future is all that matters in the work we do.

Our success has brought us a national reputation as the most livable city in the country, but our growth has brought extraordinary challenges along with it. That’s why we are launching historic new initiatives to fight homelessness, make housing more affordable, invest in our public transportation and infrastructure, and protect our precious quality of life.

Improve Transportation

To build a modern transportation system, we have to be innovative and provide more choices for Boiseans to get around. That’s why Dave launched Keep Boise Moving, the city’s effort to build a comprehensive and efficient transportation system across Boise by:

  • Increasing funding to Valley Regional Transit to boost service routes and hours to reach more Boiseans in every neighborhood.
  • Expanding infrastructure for bikes, pedestrians, scooters, and other alternative transportation modes.
  • Educating all Boiseans on the different modes of transportation at their disposal and promoting these modes as viable options for them to navigate their neighborhoods and travel to school and/or work.
  • Working through the legislature or initiative process to secure a local option for a dedicated transportation funding source.

Increase Affordable Housing

Boise has always been a community where anybody can afford to live, work, and raise their family. Dave believes anyone who calls Bosie home deserves a chance to have one of their own. With that in mind, he has led the city to take unprecedented steps to provide affordable housing by: 

  • Launching Grow Our Housing to directly create mixed-income housing, increase incentives and improve zoning for more private investment in affordable housing, expand the Housing Incentive Program, and establish Boise’s own housing trust fund.
  • Opening New Path Community Housing for the chronically homeless to provide them stable housing and connect them to support services to get back on their feet.
  • Working with the VA to break ground on Valor Pointe to provide permanent housing for our homeless veterans and connect them to much needed support services.

Protect Boise’s Backyard:

Dave values nothing more than protecting the open spaces and natural resources that define Boise. Access to clean air, drinkable water, and outdoor recreation in every neighborhood is vital to making Boise the most livable city in the country. His unprecedented leadership in conservation has led the city to make bold plans for the future of our backyard by:

  • Launching Boise Climate Now to centralize the city’s efforts to address climate change.
  • Committing the city to using 100% renewable energy 2035.
  • Encourage compact, mixed use developments that prioritize walkability and bikeability 
  • Increasing both residential and commercial recycling and composting programs with an emphasis on single use plastics.
  • Maximizing water renewal systems and ensuring Boise has more control over our water sources.
  • Protecting our open spaces and saying no to any further land use or development in the foothills. 
  • Increasing alternative transportation modes to decrease single-occupancy car trips by 10% by 2029 in order to increase Boise’s air quality. 
  • Repurposing the Boise WaterShed Center to the Boise Climate & Water Science Center in order to educate the next generation on the importance of science and climate change.