As mayor, Dave has helped to drastically improve our quality of life. We are safer, cleaner, and more prosperous and caring than we ever have been. We built 15 new parks, four new neighborhood libraries, three new recreation centers, and a mental health crisis center at the Allumbaugh House. We partnered with the Boise School District to offer two public pre-K classes on the Bench, as well as 7 after-school programs. We rebuilt and expanded fire and rescue stations across every neighborhood,. We reduced our crime rate 45% to a 25-year low. We protected over 11,000 acres of open spaces and committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2035, making Boise the greenest city in Idaho.

We should be proud of our collective efforts to make this city the most livable in the country. It’s no surprise that people choose Boise to start a business, raise a family, and live out their golden years. This is a community that is strong, vibrant, and well-positioned for the future.

Conservation, Open Space, & Green Energy

It’s no secret Dave has been one of Boise’s fiercest leaders in conservation by protecting our precious open spaces and natural resources to ensure every Boiseans has access to clean air, drinkable water, and outdoor recreation in their neighborhood. Dave was proud to be an avid supporter when Boise voters overwhelmingly passed the $10 million levy in 2001 to fund and protect open spaces and waterways in the Boise Foothills and along the Boise River Basin. Since becoming mayor, he has overseen the building of 15 new parks and the protection of over 11,000 acres of open space while working tirelessly to make sure Boise is a green community. He helped expand curbside recycling and compost pickup, approved geothermal energy expansion, opened the Dixie Drain to remove pollution from the Boise River, and has committed Boise to using 100% renewable energy by 2035. Dave knows our parks, foothills, greenbelt, and river are the backbone of Boise and always will be.

Welcoming & Kind City

For all of the changes we have seen over the years, there are some constants we must never lose. Dave’s mother loved Boise more than anybody, especially the deep Boise values of kindness and caring for each other. As the daughter of a Basque sheepherder, she understood the importance of being welcomed by a community. No matter how much we grow, we’ll never lose our way and never lose the values of caring for one another, supporting one another, and having each other’s back. In memory of his mother, he stands up for all our neighbors by supporting women’s reproductive rights, taking pride in our LGBTQ+ community, and making sure Boise opens its arms to immigrants, refugees, and anyone who calls Boise home. The reason people want to be here is because we’ve done everything we can to make Boise the best place to call home. Dave’s commitment to these values show through the recent launch of the Boise Kind initiative – a way to celebrate our values and never lose sight of what makes Boise so special as one of the most kind, welcoming, and livable cities in the country. 


Boise remains one of the safest cities in the country due to Dave’s continued investment in public health and safety. Dave has led the city’s effort to expand community policing practices that foster closer relationships between our law enforcement and the Boiseans they serve. Through programs like National Night Out, the Office of Police Oversight, and de-escalation training, we have reduced our crime rate by 45% since Dave took office, a 25-year low. To top it off, we have one of the best fire departments in the country because of Dave’s leadership. With rebuilt and new fire and rescue stations, as well as a state of the art fire training facility, we have expanded emergency and fire service across every neighborhood.

Early Childhood Education 

With educators as parents, Dave fell in love with learning at a young age. Now as a father himself, he knows how important it is to invest in our children and make sure future generations are life-long learners. With four new neighborhood libraries, three new recreation centers, and seven after-school programs, we have expanded learning opportunities to every neighborhood across Boise. On top of these investments, Boise has partnered with the Boise School District to offer two public pre-K classes on the Bench, with more to come, in the hopes that Boise will soon be able to provide early childhood education to all of our children to ensure future generations are set for success.

Transparency & Accessibility

Not many people remember where Boise was before Dave took office. City Hall was in ruins and a disgraced mayor left Boiseans with little trust in their government. Since then, Dave has worked hard to prioritize transparency and accessibility in every neighborhood through City Hall West, Saturday Office Hours, Boise’s Biennial Citizen Survey, and Idaho’s first ethics commission. Under his leadership, City Hall has continued to provide more opportunities for people to engage in the political process by offering free Spanish translation and child care at our Community Conversations on Growth the past year and is looking to expand these services to all public meetings in the future. He will continue to find innovative solutions to include more residents in the process and bring them to the table to be apart of the most important decisions facing our community.

Homeless & Mental Health Resources

Dave has made it a priority to approach homeslessness with thoughtful compassion by working with our community partners to provide forward-thinking services to those who find themselves homeless. Housing First facilities like New Path Community Housing, a first of its kind Housing First facility that provides housing for the chronically homeless, and Valor Pointe for homeless veterans provide a stable place to live while connecting residents to the support services they need to get back on their feet. With additional support to our non-profit emergency shelters and his recent call to end family homelessness in its entirety, Dave is committed to finding solutions that make Boise work for anybody who calls it home. With his unyielding support for the Allumbaugh House, Boise’s mental health crisis center which has offered treatment services to over 8,000 patients since it opened in 2010, the city of Boise’s unprecedented services to our most vulnerable Boiseans is a model for cities across the country.